Radiology X-Ray Machine

High Frequency 100mA Portable X-Ray Machine

ALERIO Smart 4000 is an econimical, compact and highly mobile HF type X-Ray Machine for general radiographic procedures. It uses High Frequency DC and microprocessor controlled Inverter Technology with Feedback Control of x-ray. The x-ray dose is intense and consistent. Enabling excellent and repeatable radiographs at lower exposure settings. The equipment can be powered from a standard power outlet and is tolerant to wide mains voltage fluctuations. The lightweight stand makes the unit highly mobile. It can be easily moved in and out of restricted space. Exposure settings can be selected from an easy to use pre-programmed control console or can be set manually. ALERIO Smart 4000 is made in India and comes with warranty and support. It conforms to IEC, BIS and AERB regulatory requirements.



Output kV Range 40kV-110kV in steps of 1kV
Maximum mA 100 mA
Maximum mAs 200 mAs
Peak Power 4000W
Timer Range 0.01s-5.0s
Mains Voltage 180VAC-260VAC
Focal Spot 1.88mm IEC
Weight 80 kG all inclusive
Technology HF Integrated X-Ray
Controls Soft Touch Keys / Remote Exposure