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Panoramic Dental X-Ray Unit


Dentech-32TS is designed on the principal of X-Ray drum curvature tomography, it comes equipped with microcontroller. It’s a fully automatic special purpose orthopantomography X-Ray Unit with Cephalometric attachment.

It provides you with a “Soft Touch” key and remote for easy operator and safety of operator.

Dentech-32TS has small focus X-Ray Tube, which increase the resolution of X-Ray. The unit can radiograph a complete curvature view of the whole teeth in a picture. The picture includes sinuses, nasal sinus, maxillary, mandibular structure and whole 32 teeth temporal, lower jay joint and its combined relations.

The Unit takes only 15s for a rotational radiography to complete a panoramic view of the whole Dental-Maxilla-Facial region.

It’s nose elevating mechanism through actuator to up and down machine gantry for radiography of people of different heights.

It can also be used for oral surgery and facial orthopaedics.

Standard Panoramic X-Ray both for Adults and specially for children due to its compact design.


Standard Panoramic X-Ray both for Adult and Children

Panoramic radiography also called panoramic X-Ray, is a two-dimensional (2-D) dental X-Ray examination that captures the entire mouth in a single image, including the teeth upper and lower laws, surrounding structure and tissue that cannot be seen with a simple oral exam. Such as permanent teeth, pathological cyst & fracture jaws.


Half Panoramic X-Ray both L & R

Dentech-32TS has an innovated feature of taking half panoramic dental X-Ray for left and right.


Temporomandibular Joints (TMJs)

Pain or dysfunction of the temporo mandibular joints is commonly referred to as “TMJ”, when in fact, TMJ is really the name of the joint and temporomandibular joint disorder (or Dysfunction) is abbreviated TMD. This term is used to refer to a group of problems involving the TMJs and the muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels and other tissues associated with them. Some practitioners might include the neck, the back and even the whole body in describing problems with the TMJs.


Cephalogram AP/Lateral View

Caphalogram, also called cephalometric, is an X-ray image of the structures of the head. It can also mean a radiograph of the head, including the mandible, in full lateral view, that is used for making cranial measurements.



  • Fully automatic mode operation.
  • Aesthetic look and compact design.
  • Soft press key (Soft press control pad for simple and faster operations.
  • Three positioning laser beams to ensure precise position.
  • Head auxiliary fixing device for ensuring patient’s head stable.
  • Dual speed vertical movement for adjusting scan frame smoothly.
  • Convex positioning mirror ensuring operator to position patients face accurately and quickly.
  • Four Modes: PAN, HALF PAN L, HALF PAN R, TJM (TJM 1 & TJM 2).
  • CEPH with different Patient Size Infact, Small, Medium, Large.
  • Low investment, lower running cost, more profits.
  • Double Stage Voltage regulation.
  • Automatic exposure termination at end-of travel.
  • Test mode without exposure
  • Automatic audible and visible error alarm.
  • No installation hazards.
  • Quick after-sales service with ready availability of spares.
  • 0.4mm focus dedicated OPG X-Ray Tube.
  • Full Wave Rectification.
  • Microcontroller-Based System
  • Control Panel with LCD display and soft keypad.
  • Anatomical selection for different ages/mode.
  • Remote control operations.


System Operation Semi Automatic
Power Voltage (AC) 230V/50Hz
Nominal Power 630 Watt
Max. Line Current 5 amp
Max. Power 1100 Watt
Column Height 150-220 CM
Vertical Movement Motorized
OPG Tube Toshiba
Tube Current 8-12 mA
Tube Voltage 55 kVp to 85 kVp (In kVp Steps)
Tube Focal Spot 0.4 mm Sq. Fine Focus
Total Filtration 2.5 mm Aluminium
Exposure Time PAN 15 Second/ TJM 4X4 Second
Film Size OPG & TJM – 6″X12″ and 10″X12″, Ceph – 8″X10″ and 10″ X 12″
Cassette Size OPG & TJM – 6″X12″ and 10″X12″, Ceph – 8″X10″ and 10″ X 12″
Cassette Type Flat ( Analog /Digital)
Safety Automatic exposure termination
Safety Features Automatic audible and visible error alarm
Patient Position LED Centre Light
Centering Reference Chin rest with Bite Wing
Cephalogram AP/LAT/Oblique View
Remote Light weight, easy operation for Exposure, Test Run, Reset & Centre Light
Console Microcontroller based, soft Touch Panel, 4 Line LCD Display
Voltage Regulation Double Stage CVT Regulation
Generator Two Pulse Generator
Rectification Full Wave Rectified
Magnification OPG- 1.2 CEPH – 1.1
Positioning Mirror Convex Mirror
Unit Dimensions With Ceph – 230X190X90 cm without Ceph – 230X90X90 cm
Weight 185 Kg


All Models are made as per recommendation of BIS/AERB.