Radiation Protection

Apron with Thyroid

Available in AM Green/AM Lite/ AM Lead

*AM Green – 3.9 kg / AM Lite – 4.5 Kg / AM Lead – 4.9 Kg
Lead equivalence – Front: 0.50 mm Pb or 0.25 mm Pb

Amrad Velcro Type Apron comes with standard features:

  • In build thyroid
  • Velcro or belt type
  • shoulder pads
  • pockets
  • Unisex sizes

Less Weight, Full Protection

AM Green
It is eco-friendly and unique in nature, it replaces lead with a combination of Bismuth, Titanium and Zircon.

AM Lite
It is composed of emulsion polymers, Finely divided metal particles including lead, antimony, stabilizers and pigments.

AM Lead
Amrad Latest technology, finely divided 100% pure lead metal particles, stabilizers and pigments.

Standard Size A B
Small 60 90
Medium 60 100
Large 60 110
Extra Lage 75 120

A) Dimension A is the Width of middle of left shoulder to middle of the right shoulder
B) Dimension B is Length from the middle of shoulder to the lower edge.

* The weight of the aprons may vary +/- 5% depending on the type of apron.

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