Radiation Protection

Coat Type Aprons

Available in AM Green/AM Lite/ AM Lead

*AM Green – 3.7 kg / AM Lite – 4.3 Kg / AM Lead – 4.7 Kg
Lead equivalence – Front: 0.50 mm Pb or 0.25 mm Pb

Amrad Velcro Type Apron comes with standard features

  • Complete Frontal Protection.
  • Shoulder pads reduces shoulder stress
  • Elastic tabs allow for comfortable fit around the waist
  • Easily slides out from under a surgeon’s scrubs when discarding
  • Unisex sizes

Less Weight, Full Protection

AM Green
It is eco-friendly & unique in nature, it replaces lead with a combination of Bismuth, Titanium & Zircon.

AM Lite
It is composed of emulsion polymers, Finely divided metal particles including lead, antimony, stabilizers and pigments.

AM Lead
Amrad Latest technology, finely divided 100% pure lead metal particles, stabilizers and pigments.

Standard Size A B
Small 60 90
Medium 60 100
Large 60 110
Extra Lage 75 120

A) Dimension A is the Width of middle of left shoulder to middle of the right shoulder
B) Dimension B is Length from the middle of shoulder to the lower edge.

* The weight of the aprons may vary +/- 5% depending on the type of apron.

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