Radiology X-Ray Machine

500mA X-Ray Machine with Multicon Table

Model – AM-Tech 500

AM – Tech 500 is designed to deliver high – quality, dependable X-Ray performance over the years.
Floor to ceiling Column Stand X-Ray Machine
Horizontal and manual multi-position bucky, examination tables.
Micro controller based panel
Separate mAs display window reads obtained mAs for radiography
kVp display for easy selection for kVp
Automatic, instantaneous tube overload protection for longer tube life.


kVp Range 125 kVp
mA Output 500mA
mA Range 50,100 Small Focus
  200, 300, 500 Large Focus
Output 24 Kw
Exposure Time .02 to 6 sec
Timer Electronic (Micro Controller Based)
Display mAs & kVp
kVp Step 5 kVp per step (Major kVp)
  1 kVp per step (Minor kVp)
Input Supply 370 V – 415 V
Tube Type Dual Focus Rotating Anode
X-Ray Tube Toshiba / Imported
Protection Tube Overload & High Voltage
Type of Generator 2 Pulse, full wave rectified