Radiology X-Ray Machine

100mA Mobile X-Ray Machine

Model – AM 100 M
Counter balance column rotate at 360o along with tube head to ensure easy positioning with minimum efforts.

Output 8 Kw
Type of Generator 2 Pulse, full wave rectified
mA Range 25-100mA
Kvp Range 30-100 Kvp
Exposure Time .04 to 6 sec
Timer Electronic (Micro Controller Based)
Display Digital (mAs & Kvp)
Input supply 230 AC, 50 Hz
Tube type Stationary Anode
X-Ray Tube XD-3 / DSA-3
Protection Tube overload & High Voltage


Available with below mentioned Tables:

Multicon Bucky Table: Five position, manually operated Bucky table with Moving Grid option (Imported). Fully counter balance in all positions.
Multicon Motorised Bucky Table: 5 Position Motorised Bucky table with spot film device. Fully counter balance table in all positions.
Horizontal Bucky table: Plain Horizontal Table with Motorised Bucky and Grid-(Imported).
Floating Table: 4 way floating magnetic locking table with/without moving Grid-(Imported).
Accessories: Collimator, compression Band, Foot Rest, Cough Guard & Ray Guard.